Bella Bella Human Hair

Bella mean Beautiful! Bella's are very shy when you first meet them but once they feel comfortable with you they will become a totally different person outgoing and daring. Bella's can be unique with a mysterious aditude that keeps you interested. Bella's have high standards. Bellas are usually the most mature one of a kind girl out of their friends.  Over all Bella's are beautiful on the inside out.

I started selling hair in 2013 and the goal has always been to make women beautiful. I have been able to achieve this buy investing in the best quality of hair on the market. I have a great vendor and you will not be disappointed. 

Bella has the best-selling hair! The quality vs price is really hard to beat. The ratio of long hairs is really strong and there are fewer short hairs in the bundle to give it a more full appearance. 

You can dye this hair but it's not recommended for colors over a #27 Honey Blonde. 


Thank You